Automate Your Billing & Payments

Did you know you will collect more tuition payments when you use automatic processing. Automatically collect payments the way you want them...Credit Cards, EFT/Echecks, it's your choice.

Approximately 5 percent of your athletes payments will decline each month due to expired forms of payment. RainMaker can automatically message people 30 days ahead of the expiration and allow them to update their account  online.

What about past due payments? This cheer gym software will automatically follow-up and process payments past due every 5 days, and it will notify members of declined payments and give them options to update their credit card.  This all means, you spend more time running your gym and less time with the busy work.

Cheer Gym Software for Billing & Payments
Cheer Gym Software Portal and Reporting

It's not just email..  You will enjoy complete follow-up systems that let you use post-cards, text, voice-broadcast, email, and even off-line follow up reminders and tasks.

Powerful Marketing...Set It & Forget it.

You won't need another software integration for your email marketing with RainMaker. Everything is built in. Segmenting your lists as many ways as you want so that you can follow-up with different types of people, members, and contacts.

Send one-time emails immediately or schedule them.

You can easily set up autoresponder marketing for prospects, members that join specific programs, people that quit and more.

Attendance Tracking Software To Find Those Missing Athletes

Don't let your athletes think you don't care about them. With RainMaker Attendance Software you will be able to automatically follow-up with people that don't show up.

Cheer Gym Software for Tracking Attendance

Marketing & Sales Automation for Cheer Gyms

What does marketing and sales automation for Cheer Gyms look like?

Test out the automatic follow-up process to see it in action and imagine how it can work for your business and make your life easier.

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