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The only Membership Growth Software that replaces a full-time employee. 
See what you can do with this 8-Point Marketing Intelligence Technology.

Cuts Costs & Streamlines Your Business  

It's like a hundred helpers...collecting payments, scheduling sessions, promoting your programs, selling lessons, and getting people back to training if they miss.

It's the cheapest $50 a week you'll ever spend to get so much done.  

Technology for Growth 

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Trusted by more than 6,000 instructors, coaches, and teachers around the world.

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Keeps Members Training, & Paying Longer


Everything you need have better retention, and increase revenue in one powerful, simple, & easy to grow software.

Get people back to their next class, so they don't miss their training.
Inspire and motivate members towards their next goals so retention soars and membership grows!
Former campaign automations that get old members back into your school.

Grows Your Membership.


More members is the name of the game, right?

RainMaker converts more leads to new students, drives referrals, and wins back students that stopped training.

Let RainMaker convert more people into quality members so you can focus on providing a high quality experience.

Improved lead conversion to speed up enrollments.
Referral automations so you grab even more new members.
Former student campaign automations that get old members back into your school.
RainMaker Membership Systems & Software Devices
RainMaker Mobile Express

Maximizes Your Resources.


More profit means more freedom. The freedom to break free from the day-to-day. More choices.  More time.  Profit means freedom your way.

Auto Billing & Revenue Recovery that puts you in control of your finances.
Referral automations so you grab even more new members.
Sell equipment, workshops, events & more, online, faster, and easier than ever before with One Page Profit Generator Check-Out™ pages that look amazing!

Let RainMaker help get you the freedom you deserve.

9 ProfitGenerators™  You're Missing
to Grow by 100 Members and Beyond

Lead Nurture Campaigns - - RainMaker Membership Systems

Enrolls more members with Long-Term Lead Nurture.

The lack of long term prospect follow-up can cost you up to 4 new members every month.  

Get Integrated Prospects Flows™ that keep you and your programs top of mind so that you're the only choice when they're ready to get started.

Appointment Reminder Systems - RainMaker Membership Systems

Appointment Reminder adds more memberships.

You can lose 50 percent of your potential new memberships by not doing appointment confirmations and reminders.

People get busy. The Automatic SMS Reminder & Confirmation System™ for people's first visits increase show rates which adds more memberships, faster.

AutoCollect - - RainMaker Membership Systems

Doubles your billing with automatic payments.

Taking payments over the counter can cost you revenue and memberships.  

You can easily double your enrollment by simply using AutoCollect & Revenue Recovery™ to stop accepting payments over-the-counter.

Referral Promotion Systems - RainMaker Membership Systems

Gets up to 4 more referrals each month.

The Referral Promotion System starts pre-framing the idea of referrals from the time someone becomes a prospect.  

Start promoting your referral systems automatically so that you can grow even faster.  You can gain up to 4 extra referrals a month.

Winback Campaigns - RainMaker Membership Systems

Wins back more members that quit.

Win-back campaigns drive reactivations of former members.  You never know when someones interest will be ignited once again.

Be your former members biggest advocate and continuously and automatically rekindle their interest in your programs to get up to  4 extra new memberships per month.  

Appointment Rescheduling - RainMaker Membership Systems

Reschedule missed appointments, automatically.

Do you automatically follow-up with people that miss their appointments for their first visits?

If not, you're working too hard and missing out on new memberships. RainMaker can automatically follow-up with missed appointments for you.

Lead Capture - RainMaker Membership Systems

Lead capture gets 2x more new members.

Properly capturing leads can help you enroll up to 2x as many new members as businesses that aren't integrating solid lead capture processes.  

That means you could be losing out on 50 or even 100 new memberships a year, by simply not collecting and integrating your leads with your growth software.

Attendance Engagement - RainMaker Membership Systems

Saves 4 memberships with attendance engagement systems.

Save members from quitting and nurture student's interest in their training and goals.

Engage with members that are missing and attending so you keep students inspired to come to their next class.

Revenue Recovery - RainMaker Membership Systems

Collects 3 to 5 more payments each month, automatically.

Three to five percent of credit cards go bad every month.  This causes cash flow problems and even loss of members who become past due.

Use automated systems to remind members of upcoming expired cards and let them automatically update them online so that you collect more payments, faster. 

More members, hands free.

Imagine people getting information, registering online, and automatically booking their first appointment without spending time playing phone-tag.

Or worse...

Team members tell you that they tried doing all the follow-up and wondering if...ANY of it actually happened or not?

Online registration
Automatic appointment reminders.
Digital waivers signed before prospects walk in the door.


Website integration,
trial registration, online appointments, and much more.


Automatic billing, past-due follow-up, unlimited memberships & billing plans.


Higher retention rates, keep members longer, and grow your active membership.

"It's the best on the market today." 

Greg Silva

United Professionals and Black Belt Schools International.
Master Silva created a school with over 1200 active members.

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