Payment Processing Through RainMaker

In the USA, you can choose any merchant processor you want that integrates
with USA E-Pay gateway. Canadian and Australian clients use Bambora.


  • Increase Payments Collected

    Automating payments can give you a significant increase in cash flow over collecting tuition over the counter.

  • Be Everywhere

    When you can sell your products and services online, you can sell more.  Period.

  • On file

    Having a credit card stored on file, in a secured and encrypted way protects you and your customer.  Also, your members can buy, even when they forgot their credit card.

Hey RainMakers!  Call Paul at ProfitStream for merchant processing.  We work them day in and day out.  They have great rates and they make the entire process easy.  If you decide to stop using ProfitStream we will pay any cancellation fees they might charge.  You can reach Paul at (888) 528-3364

Scott Dolloff

Scott Dolloff
RainMaker Membership Systems