PCI Compliance, PCI whaaaa?


  • q-iconWhat’s is PCI Compliance?

    The Payment Card Industry (PCI) is the institution that determines data security standards when it comes to credit cards. To comply with the requirements set forth by PCI, we store and encrypt client credit card numbers and billing information offsite. We make a copy of both daily, also stored in a secure format. Every quarter, RainMaker passes a rigorous scan to certify that we keep up with the every changing PCI standards.  And believe me it a pain in the keaster…but hey, gotta do it for you, your members and us.  Safe, Secure and Encrypted.

  • q-iconSince RainMaker is PCI Compliant, I don’t have to worry about it, right?

    Nope sorry.  Merchants have their own set of PCI Compliance stuff.  But most merchant service provides build that into your fees and can offer help along the way.  It’s seems silly, but it’s real and it’s important.  Keep in mind all merchants that take credit card payments are required to be PCI compliant, regardless of their Point of Sale system.