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Karate School Software for Dojos.

Martial arts school owners looking for karate school software for your dojo? RainMaker might be a good choice for you. It will help you automatically process tuition, schedule classes, and it even connects to your website so that all your contacts and information are in one place.  Dojo management software that is designed just the way you do business by martial arts school owners so that things work the way do.

Dojo Software for Tracking Attendance

Attendance tracking software for your dojo that is versatile and fast.  Whether you want to use attendance cards, a class roster or you want to allow your students to check themselves in, we’ve got you covered with this martial arts school management software by RainMaker Membership Systems.

Software for your dojo tuition billing.

RainMaker can help you automatically charge tuition so that you don’t have to continue using  a a billing company.  You probably never liked the idea of billing companies but you were indoctrinated to the idea that is is a must in today’s business climate.  It’s simply not true.  You can automatically bill, and automatically follow-up with past due payments without lifting a finger.  Stay connected to your dojo tuition so that keep your doors open and continue to provide a home for your students.Dojo Software That is Simple

Karate School Software That Makes Running Your Dojo Easy

Karate school software should make things easier, not more complicated.  RainMaker provides easy to use training videos, guides and quick ‘how-to’ graphics for you but more importantly the people that help you with your dojo.  It’s important that you don’t have to spend time checking to make sure they’re doing things properly inside software…otherwise you’re not saving any time at all.[/text_block]