• Added new email signature merge tag. This will allow users to set a email signature when sending emails through rainmaker. The {SIGNATURE} merge tag will be merged to the user logged in when sending an email. Example: I am logged in as Devon Steiner, when I create an email and apply the {SIGNATURE} merge tag, that tag will be merged with my email signature that I set up on
    3890 Messaging: User/Signature 
  • Solution: retention goal bar. If the retention is greater than or equal to the goal retention defined by the user it will show green in the goal bar.
    3928 Retention comparison
  • Updated “Current Members by Program” report with the new grid. You can sort and filter on all columns as well as export to excel and csv. 
    3711 Current Member by programs does not include Family Membership non contract holders
  • Solution on creating yearly recurring appointments. 
    3827 Yearly Recurring appointments causes appointment book to be unresponsive
  • Updates to program settings and programs edit page. We now allow a user to mark a program as inactive and hard delete a program. Once that program is deactivated that program will no longer display on the add program page (creating a new membership). A user is also unable to delete any programs that have any contracts, payments, flows etc.. associated with that program. See snapshots for more detail. 
    3850 Active/Inactive: Programs
  • Added new product sizes (A6 and A7).3996 New product sizes