• Updates to revenue recovery send invoice feature. You can now email invoices that have tuition items associated with the invoice. 
    Please Note:
    • Invoices with tuition items must be paid in full. If an invoice does Not have any tuition items the contact can make multiple payments towards that invoice.
    • When an invoice that has tuition items that has been paid in full we will deduct 1 installment from the membership and if the next payment due date that was set by the user is greater than what the current next due date is for the membership we will move that payment due date to that specified date. If the date is NOT greater than the current next due date than we do NOT move the next due date out.
      Current due date 12/1/2019, specified date 10/1/2018 = We do NOT move the next due date.
      Current due date 12/1/2019, specified date 1/1/2020 = We do move the next due date.