What are strategic initiatives?

The strategic initiatives help give an overall direction to prioritizing feature development. The themes must be aligned with customer goals and outcomes for the next year, typically including, lead generation, new members, revenue, and new member engagement and experience through in school, online remote, and at-home participation.

Client Collaboration

We will be hosting quarterly roundtable conferences via zoom workshops to magnify client interaction and brainstorming around feature ideas and usage that will help determine prioritizations and high-use features for the current adaptive software roadmap. All clients, their staff, future clients, and past clients will be invited and welcome to participate

Ease of Use

We will be launching a new and enhanced user interface that improves user experience with responsive pages for the web app, along with the business and member app.

Lead Generation

Enhance and build more lead generation devices such as professionally designed landing pages and social media integrations. Other examples will include referral devices that will be integrated through the Member App and Profit Generators.

Member Conversion

Add additional flow automation and personalization options. We will also build out customer appointment confirmation replies with rescheduling options. Online appointment scheduling rules

Revenue Enhancement

The Member Enrollment Machine will transform the way schools enroll new members. It will empower businesses to generate members 24×7 instead of only signing up new students during operating hours. New Point of Sale processes will speed up transactions and provide the ability to integrate FuturePay installments plans. AutoBuild will automatically create ProfitGenerator single-page purchase pages for all Point of Sale inventory items to be offered through the Member App and Profit Generators.

AutoCollect Billing

The new dashboard will display high-level data. Data widgets will include Collection Rate Monitoring. We will add the ability to add Back Form of Payment to autocollect processing of memberships so if a payment is declined, the secondary form of payment can automatically be charged. Clients will also be getting access to a new Monthly Recurring Billing dashboard.

Enhanced Reporting

Provide enhanced customization of dashboards and reporting that include new additional member metrics, marketing intelligence such as marketing campaign performance, additional AutoCollect data, Date Comparison Reports, and additional client-requested reporting.

Member Experience

Additions and enhancements to Member Apps that are designed to drive engagement and participation along with built-in Profit Generators for purchases and registrations. We will continue to add more tools for remote participation such as app-driven attendance check-ins, push notifications, and more.

Professional Services

Pro services will include data entry, record updates, custom-built flows, marketing services, graphic design, flow automation builds, advertising campaigns via social media, and paid search.

Multi-School Integration

Multi-location reporting options, multi-location data widgets, and dashboards to give overall views of combined data.