New Data Widgets

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Member Lifetime Value & Gross Receipts

The new data widgets added are Member Lifetime Value and Gross Receipts.

Gross Receipts is the sum of all transactions recorded, month to date. We will be adding a Goal Tracking feature to this data widget in the future.

Member Lifetime Value is averaged by tracking the spend of each contact that has been a member (a contact with at least one membership) divided by the sum of all contacts that have been members. We will be adding a Goal Tracking Feature to this data widget in the future. By focusing on increasing the Member Lifetime Value, you will improve your over all business revenue when keeping your member count consistent and/or growing.

These data widgets are enabled for users that have ‘View Financials’ enabled. System wide, the widgets can be enabled or disabled by going to Settings > Account & Settings > Dashboard Settings.

User View Financials Permission
System Wide Enable/Disable MLTV and Gross Receipts MTD

Form Of Payment Updater

The form of payment updater merge link can be found in Settings > Account & Settings > Financial & POS Settings > Automatic Credit Card Expires Soon Email. Merge this link to let your customers receive an email that will allow them to click then link and update their form of payment for memberships. This email is automatically sent once per month on the 14th of each month to members with expiring credit cards. The link expires in 48 hours for security reasons.

Payment Updater Link

When a customer clicks the CC Update link, they will be taken to a unique page with your logo, and address/map.

Credit Card Updater Page

Form Of Payment – Updated Notification

You can receive a notification when a member updates their form of payment. To enable this notification, go Settings > Notifications > Automated Credit Card Update. Assign this notification to any recipient by adding their email address. The customer card update will also be logged under Account Changes.

Member Payment Update Notification
Automated Credit Card Update Notification Setting
Credit Card Payment Information Update Logging

Membership Document Mapping

Membership Upload / File Mapping
Membership Mapping Log / Membership History

Trial Tracker – Side Scrolling

The Trial Tracker feature has been updated to include side scrolling for better viewing on different screen resolutions/zoom settings.

Postcard – Reorder

Postcard order has been updated to adjust for postcard printing services software update/enhancements.