Are you maximizing your results with RainMaker?

You are already using the “Core 4+”, which is ‘Contact Entry’, ‘Point of Sale’, ‘Attendance’, ‘Appointment Book’, and of course billing (otherwise known as autoCollect).  But what now?  There are so many different things to set up and maybe you feel overwhelmed.  That’s okay, take a deep breath and schedule just 30 minutes to activate these 4 steps and you will improve your retention, enhance your business systems, add more revenue, and sign up more students without lifting a finger.

Step 1 – Activate Your Automatic Attendance Survey

Many people think that the coolest part of this fitness and martial arts business automation is collecting positive testimonials and reviews.  Think again.  Those positive reviews are AMAZING!  And check this out…The low star reviews are WAY more valuable.  You see this device allows your members, students, and customers the ability to have a voice about their concerns.  Many times they are concerns that would NEVER have been brought to your attention.  This means you can now address them, polish up your business processes to remove these roadblocks and provide a more enjoyable experience for all your guests.

Step 2 – Create your “NPS” Survey and schedule it for every 90 days.

The “NPS” (stands for Net Promoter Score”) survey will automatically “score” your members and students and show you exactly who is going to be quitting (otherwise known as churn) and it will also show you people that are most likely to refer.  You can then create automation around making sure to follow-up with the “red flags” and automatically enable referral campaigns for the students most likely to refer.  This means you’re increasing your retention, your bottom line, and producing more automated referrals with one simple device.

Step 3 – Produce a New Member Kit Profit Generator

New member kits are retail packages that include common items your students and members will use and enjoy as a beginner in your program.  Think about apparel such as t-shirts, safety equipment, as well as stuff to use at home to improve their skills.  Once this is created you can simply copy and paste the link into an email step for new member flows and you will automatically start waking up to more sales.  More profit is okay with you, right? 😉

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Step 4 – Set up your SMS-Text Messaging System

Set up your SMS phone number, add credits and enable appointment reminders for both the day before and day of your introductory, trial, and low barrier offer appointments.  People forget, they get busy, life happens.  These text reminders will be a welcomed message and it will get more prospects in for their appointments faster, which means you sign up more students, more consistently with a faster sales cycle.

You’ve got this!

What is your Lifetime Value (LTV) of your members?  Could it be $1000, $2000, maybe it’s way more, right?  If this is true, what would you focus on creating to produce a more consistent and enjoyable experience for your students, members, and customers?

RainMaker On-boarding - Series 1