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It Never Takes a Break...It Works 24x7, So You Can Have a Life and Still Know Everything is Getting Done.

RainMaker Growth Software  was created to streamline the process of your running your business.  No one likes having to manage multiple different pieces of software just to market and run your business.

Nothing Slips Through The Cracks

If you have to have different programs for Email, Point of Sale, Appointment Booking, Billing, Text Messaging, Digital Signature, and more...and none of them seem to talk to each other that means you have to enter each contact into every single different tool.

UGH!!! What's worse is sometimes contacts get entered into most BUT not all parts of your system. That's when people start to fall through cracks.  Some members don't get billed which means you don't get paid.  Some don't receive your emails which means they can't sign up for your next promotion, which means you lose money.  Others don't get the text message letting them know you haven't seen them in a while...which means they never come back, which of course means they cancel their membership and that means your revenue not only doesn't goes down.

RainMaker STOPS all of this now.  Don't let people fall through the cracks and feel unimportant, indifferent, and remorseful about being a part of your program. wake up in the morning and check on your business.  You see 5 new prospects, 2 trials s have been purchased, 4 new people have been sent text confirmations and both purchased their trial and scheduled their own first appointment THEN joined your private Facebook group. Looking deeper you see the financial reporting was delivered to you and all of your membership payments have already been processed. Then you notice that 4 people's payments were declined and follow-up messages were already sent to them to allow them to update their payment information without having to call you.  You also notice several online purchases from last night for equipment and future special events.  And you see your goal tracker tells you that you're 70 percent towards your goals for the month and it's only the 14th!  On top of all that you see that your last email marketing campaign launched and the numbers are already growing.  With RainMaker, life is good!

RainMaker's online growth & marketing software is built with membership business DNA baked right into it.  What that means is that it's designed to work the way you do. We understand the day in and day out stresses and obligations of your business. Everything from marketing, training, selling, working with staff, and even financial management. We know what it's like to have members quit. We know what it's like to have limited time, tight resources, and juggling all that while trying to balance a life outside of your business. RainMaker continues to evolve and grow based on the solutions you need to issues and challenges that happen on a daily basis.  The online software works automatically in the background so you can spend your time with your members, building rapport, creating engagement, and expanding your tribe.

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