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RainMaker is like a hundred helpers...collecting payments, scheduling sessions, promoting your programs, selling sessions, and getting people back to training if they miss class.

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Built and updated with
your goals in mind...

Get more students, keep them longer, and increase your profits.

Now in addition to giving you the free updates, RainMaker will help your business migrate to the system for FREE.

When you sign up for RainMaker, you'll get free migration training sessions with one of our RainMaker Growth Experts. Our in-depth training will aid you at every stage of your migration journey.

Plus, all our RainMaker Growth Experts are always ready to answer any questions you have.

Grow and Get More Done in Less Time...Guaranteed

AutoCollect Billing & Revenue Recovery

Did you know 3-7 percent of your students' credit cards expire every month? RainMaker automatically notifies people 30 days ahead of the expiration and allows them to update their form of payment online.

Get your membership payments processed automatically. Payments the way you want them...Credit Cards, EFT/'s your choice.

No one likes being the bad guy, right? This martial arts pro software has payment recovery methods built in so you don't have to mess with it and you can paid faster.

Marketing Software...on Steroids

You don't need some other software integration for your email marketing with RainMaker. Everything is built in. You can segment your lists as many ways as you want so that you can follow-up with different types of people and contacts.

Schedule one-time emails or send them out immediately.

Activate autoresponder systems for prospects, members that join specific programs, people that quit, and more.

Sells merchandise, trials, and more online...instantly.

Profit Generators allow you to sell 24x7.

Let people purchase your trials online all the time. If you only sell your trials in person or set appointments on the phone you're missing out.  More and more people are skipping the phones. They want to check things out online, look at reviews, see your stuff on social media, and then decide to make a purchase.  People buy planes online, do you not think they can decide to buy a 3 lesson or 6 week trial program for their kid?

Make it easy to buy from you. With Profit Generators you can sell just about anything. Merchandise, Rank Promotions, Seminars, Merchandise Packages...You name it.  It takes just 3 minutes to set up a purchase and check out page and you're ready to promote your offers.

Gets more people into your trials, hands-free.

Do you ever have a hard time actually connecting with the people that purchase your trials?  Use RainMaker's online scheduling to stop people from falling through the cracks. The more people that actually schedule trials, the more people you get to sign up.

No More resistance and phone tag.  People love to pick their own day and times.  You create the schedule of openings and restrictions.

Get started for just $1 for 30 days

Get unlimited complimentary, free trainings for you, your staff, and new staff members on all the features and benefits of RainMaker so you get the most return on your investment. Save more money and time than ever before. .

And there’s absolutely no risk to join. You cancel anytime.

Sign up for your RainMaker Growth subscription today, and if you’re not completely convinced that RainMaker is the right solution for you, simply let us know during the first 30 days, and we will refund you, no questions asked.