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Martial Arts School Billing & Payments

Did you know 3-7 percent of your clients' credit cards expire every month? RainMaker automatically notifies people 30 days ahead of the expiration and allows them to update their form of payment online.

Get your membership payments processed automatically. Payments the way you want them...Credit Cards, EFT/Echecks, it's your choice.

No one likes being the bad guy, right? This martial arts pro software has payment recovery methods built in so you don't have to mess with it and you can paid faster.

You can see the big picture of each of your prospects and members and their experiences.  You can take this information to continue to build rapport and elevate their experiences and build trust with you.

Martial Arts Marketing Software...On Steroids

You don't need some other software integration for your email marketing with RainMaker. Everything is built in. You can segment your lists as many ways as you want so that you can follow-up with different types of people and contacts.

Schedule one-time emails or send them out immediately.

Activate autoresponder systems for prospects, members that join specific programs, people that quit, and more.

Sell Trials, Events & Merchandise Online

Profit Generators allow you to sell 24x7.

Let people purchase your trials online all the time. If you only sell sell your trials in person or set appointments on the phone you're missing out.  More and more people are skipping the phones.  They want to check things out online, look at reviews, see your stuff on social media and then decide to make a purchase.  People buy planes online, do you not think they can decide to buy a 3 lesson or 6 week trial program for their kid?

Make it easy to buy from you. With Profit Generators you can sell just about anything. Merchandise, Rank Promotions, Seminars, Merchandise Packages...You name it.  It takes just 3 minutes to set up a purchase and check out page and you're ready to promote your offers.

Let People Schedule Their Own Sessions

Do you ever have a hard time actually connecting with the people that purchase your trials?  Use RainMaker's online scheduling to stop people from falling through the cracks. The more people that actually schedule trials, the more people you get to sign up.

No More resistance and phone tag.  People love to pick their own day and times.  You create the schedule of openings and restrictions.

9 RainMaker ProfitGenerators™  You're Missing
to Grow by 100 Members and Beyond

Lead Nurture Campaigns

Enrolls more members with Long-Term Lead Nurture.

The lack of long term prospect follow-up can cost you up to 4 new members every month.  

Get Integrated Prospects Flows™ that keep you and your programs top of mind so that you're the only choice when they're ready to get started.

Appointment Reminder adds more memberships.

You can lose 50 percent of your potential new memberships by not doing appointment confirmations and reminders.

People get busy. The Automatic SMS Reminder & Confirmation System™ for people's first visits increase show rates which adds more memberships, faster.

Doubles your billing with automatic payments.

Taking payments over the counter can cost you revenue and memberships.  

You can easily double your enrollment by simply using AutoCollect & Revenue Recovery™ to stop accepting payments over-the-counter.

Gets up to 4 more referrals each month.

The lack of long term prospect follow-up can cost you up to 4 new members every month.  

Get Integrated Prospects Flows™ that keep you and your programs top of mind so that you're the only choice when they're ready to get started.

Wins back more members that quit.

Most businesses don't even have 1 consistently promoted referral program. 

Having a campaign that promotes your referral system to both prospects and members can add up to 4 extra new memberships per month.  

Reschedule missed appointments, automatically.

Do you automatically follow-up with people that miss their appointments for their first visits?

If not, you're working too hard and missing out on new memberships. RainMaker can automatically follow-up with missed appointments for you.

Lead capture gets 2x more new members.

Properly capturing leads can help you enroll up to 2x as many new members as businesses that aren't integrating solid lead capture processes.  

That means you could be losing out on 50 or even 100 new memberships a year, by simply not collecting and integrating your leads with your growth software.

Saves 4 memberships with attendance engagement systems.

Save members from quitting and nurture student's interest in their training and goals.

Engage with members that are missing and attending so you keep students inspired to come to their next class.

Collects 3 to 5 more payments each month, automatically.

Three to five percent of credit cards go bad every month.  This causes cash flow problems and even loss of members who become past due.

Use automated systems to remind members of upcoming expired cards and let them automatically update them online so that you collect more payments, faster. 

Simple Pricing


Unlimited contacts


Quick Start
1 Free Data Migration
Ongoing training for you and your staff
Follow-up templates


Unlimited contacts


per month

Quick Start
1 Free Data Migration
Ongoing training for you and your staff
Follow-up templates

Premium offerings & services available.

Monthly subscriptions start in 30 days.

 For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.

More members, hands free.

Imagine people getting information, registering online, and automatically booking their first appointment without spending time playing phone-tag.

Or worse...

Team members tell you that they tried doing all the follow-up and wondering if...ANY of it actually happened or not?

Online registration
Automatic appointment reminders.
Digital waivers signed before prospects walk in the door.


Website integration,
trial registration, online appointments, and much more.


Automatic billing, past-due follow-up, unlimited memberships & billing plans.


Higher retention rates, keep members longer, and grow your active membership.

"It's the best on the market today." 

Greg Silva

United Professionals and Black Belt Schools International

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