Communicate Consistently, Easily and Beautifully

You Don't Need Persistence To Get More Members

RainMaker gives you consistency and after all, when you combine that with leverage you get massive results.

  • Your Systems

    Add your follow up sequences to RainMaker easily.  Emails, tasks, reminders and more.

  • Tasks

    With tasks you can enter due dates and see when they’re complete.

  • Text Messages

    You will find text messaging to be more engaging than email or phone calls.

  • Email

    Use emails for prospects, members, special announcements and more.

  • Templates

    Email templates make it easy to build your image and look great. No technical skills necessary.

  • Newsletters

    Create email newsletters that look great on computers and mobile devices.

  • Voice Broadcast

    Record a voice message and send it to your members.  It’s easy and powerful.

  • Notifications

    Tasks need to be completed, cards need to be printed, calls to be made.  Notifications will let you know when.

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