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Social Integration

Post to Facebook and Twitter with one click

employee time clock software for martial arts schools

Eliminate The Clutter

Use the time clock and get rid of the clutter, save on those pesky time cards and save a tree!

  • Program sales report for commisions
  • Set expectations
  • Monitor & measure

Many of our clients asked for an employee time clock, so we created it.  It's simple & easy to use.  Just add staff and let them clock in and clock out.

  • Team Time Tracking

    Clock-in, clock-out, track time worked. Simple.

  • Social Integration

    With just one click you can post to Twitter and Facebook through RainMaker.

  • Permissions

    So you don’t want all your staff to see certain details.  Easy – set their permissions in settings.  Piece of cake.

  • Team Messaging

    Want to send an announcement to all your staff so you’re all on the same page?  This is perfect for you.

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