Are Your Rank Promotions A Lot of Work?

Attendance tracking, paper-work, ordering, registrations & more.

Simplify & Consolidate To Make It Easy

RainMaker can help you track all your members ranks and promotion histories whether  your school is a single style system or a multiple style program.

  • Online registration reduces paperwork
  • Awards & diplomas with your students info
  • Cut your admin time in half

With RainMaker you can save time, reduce paperwork, and get paid faster if you charge for rank promotions.

muay thai training - rank tracking software for martial arts schools

Rank Tracking

Ranks, Belts & Stripes

  • Single Style

    Tracking, testing, promotions, graduations it’s all easier.

  • Multi Style

    Maybe you teach multiple disciplines, such as:  Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA – RainMaker can help.

  • Merit Stripes

    Tracking merit stripes that are awarded for attendance, passing a test, or you name it is simple.

  • Reward Stripes

    Maybe you use reward students with stripes for doing great in class, turning in life-skills programs or something like that, RainMaker can help you track these rewards easily.

  • Class Minimums

    Assignable to specific departments, staff members, available, unavailable, events and more.

  • Set Promo Dates

    You can set an expected future promotion date if you want.

  • Rank Ordering

    See any prospect in your trials and see when their trial or number of classes expires.

  • Rank Labels

    See new members and their pictures right on the home page.  Makes it easier for everyone on staff to recognize your students.

  • Awards & Diplomas

    Printing graduation diplomas that are merged with your student information is huge time save timer.

  • Reporting

    Maybe you want to see all members with “perfect attendance” or members that have a minimum number of classes.  Just go to reports and pick the one thats best for you.

  • Online Registration

    Choose your testing list, click a button and send them a link to register, heck, even pay online for graduation if you want.