It’s fast so you don’t waste profitable time between classes.

Make Better Decisions With Access To Everything In One Place

  • Create packages to save time at the front counter.
  • See automatic order list to keep organized.
  • Use order reconcile list to make sure everything was delivered that you ordered.
  • Track sales tax, even multiple sax tax charges.
  • Easy to add discounts for special groups and specials.
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]See every purchase, every transaction, every payment ever made in one place, so you can really know what a student is worth to the bottom line.

Why is that important?  It helps you determine exactly what you can spend to get a new student and that’s powerful knowledge when you’re a RainMaker.[/text_block]


  • Packages

    Creating packages makes it faster and easier to process purchases for your members.

  • Ordering

    RainMaker will create an order list based on point of sale purchases not in stock.

  • Reporting

    Sales reports, track sales tax and more.

  • Gift Cards

    Let your members buy gift cards and RainMaker will track the balances.

  • Inventory Tracking

    Tracking inventory is simple with Point of Sale.   This is a great financial control to manage the bottom line.

  • Price Tags

    Print price tags to scan and automatically enter info into point of sale.

  • Discounts

    Need to add a discount to a purchase? It’s easy with RainMaker.  You can enter an amount or even a percentage.

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