Members can update their information, see attendance history and more.

Let them check

Let each of your members see his or her attendance history, update payment information, you name it.

  • Update your info
  • View attendance
  • View rank history
  • Schedule classes
  • Purchase classes

The line is stacking up at the front counter.  Someone needs to know about attendance because testing is coming up.  Another student needs to update an expiration date on a credit card.  All these little things take time that you may not have.  Online Portal can save you, staff and your students time.

Martial Arts School Student Portal Saves Time

Online Portal

  • Update Info

    Save time by letting your members change their addresses, phone numbers & more.

  • View Attendance

    Let them see their attendance history if you want.

  • View Rank History

    When did I get my last rank? Log in to the online portal and check.  It’s easy.

  • View Billing History

    If you want, you can even let your members see their payments.

  • View Classes

    See assigned class details, times & more.

  • Schedule Classes

    Register for a new class.  Approval may be required.

  • Purchase Classes

    Let them buy a trial class, private session or a package of classes.

  • Connect To Your Site

    Copy and paste a link to your website navigation and you’re good to go.

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