Members can update their information, see attendance history and more.

Let them check

Let each of your members see his or her attendance history, update payment information, you name it.


  • Update your info
  • View attendance
  • View rank history
  • Schedule classes
  • Purchase classes
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” line_height=”22″]The line is stacking up at the front counter.  Someone needs to know about attendance because testing is coming up.  Another student needs to update an expiration date on a credit card.  All these little things take time that you may not have.  Online Portal can save you, staff and your students time.[/text_block]

Martial Arts School Student Portal Saves Time

Online Portal


  • Update Info

    Save time by letting your members change their addresses, phone numbers & more.

  • View Attendance

    Let them see their attendance history if you want.

  • View Rank History

    When did I get my last rank? Log in to the online portal and check.  It’s easy.

  • View Billing History

    If you want, you can even let your members see their payments.

  • View Classes

    See assigned class details, times & more.

  • Schedule Classes

    Register for a new class.  Approval may be required.

  • Purchase Classes

    Let them buy a trial class, private session or a package of classes.

  • Connect To Your Site

    Copy and paste a link to your website navigation and you’re good to go.


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