Common Q’s on Merchant Processing


  • q-iconWhat’s a merchant account?

    A merchant account gives you the ability to take credit card payments in person, and even online* With a payment gateway connection to your merchant account you can have:

    – Point of sale processing
    – Automatic direct billing
    – Sales reports
    – Warnings and automated follow ups of declines
    – Automated reminders of card expirations

  • q-iconMy credit stinks, I don’t think I can qualify for a merchant account

    Unless your currently in bankruptcy, you probably still have a good chance.  You’ll probably have to do a bit more paperwork, but hey, you gotta pay to play, right?

  • q-iconHow long does it take to get going?

    If everything goes smoothy, you’re looking about 10-14 days.  Could be faster, but one things for sure.  It will take longer, if you procrastinate.  So get your hustle on.

  • q-iconWhat’s a payment gateway?

    Payment gateways are 3rd party services that provide a secure connection from your merchant account to the payment software.  In the United States, RainMaker integrates with USA E-pay.  We don’t integrate with any other companies at this time.  It requires a lot of work and programming and we would rather spend the time enhancing RainMaker.

  • q-iconWhat does the payment gateway cost?

    With USA E-pay they currently charge a set up fee of $199 and a monthly fee of $19.  We will walk you through the process and handle the whole ball of was for you.  It’s technical and we’ve got a lot of experience in making it work just right with RainMaker.  By the way, with all the gateways we’ve worked with, we love USA Epay.  They offer great flexibility, and have an inexpensive flat rate with no additional transaction fees unlike all the others we’ve worked with in the past.