So Easy a 3 Year Old Can Do It – Intuitive and Refreshing.

Built by school owners, enhanced with your feedback and easy to get help.

Dashboards That Let You See Everything


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See all your critical numbers at a glance and get you where you want to go with just a click.


martial arts website web form


Connect To Your Website

Web Forms Go To Your RainMaker Account

When a prospect enters their info into a webform, the info goes straight into your RainMaker account in real time.

Go Digital

Digital lead short forms, questionnaires, waivers and contracts.

Reduce clutter and yeah, save a tree.

Point of Sale

Record Purchases, Track inventory, Offer gift cards.

Create packages, automatic orders, order reconciliation, multiple sale taxes, discounts and more.

point of sale for martial arts schools

Attendance Tracking

Flexibility For You

Single styles or multiple styles, bar codes, key tags, tablets.  With 5 different attendance methods you’re covered.

rank tracking software for martial arts schools

Rank Tracking

Ranks, Belts & Stripes

Multiple styles or a single style, set class minimums, expected promotion dates, and so much more. 

Online Portal

Class Registration, Purchases, Member Updates

Save time by letting your members update their info, schedule or un-schedule classes, purchase programs.

Old School Communications

Letters, Labels & More

Add your letters, mail merge, print diplomas and certificates, mailing labels and more.