excited to meet you

We’re so excited to know you will be taking your first martial arts lesson with us!

You’re going to love it!

Everyone asks what they need to do to be ready so I decided to send you a quick and simple list:

1. Keep an eye out for a couple of emails and text for confirmations and reminders.  We know martial arts is new to you and getting into routine takes practice so we will message you the day before and a couple hours ahead of the class the day of your appointment

2. If anything comes up give us a call at (888) 293-0972 or you can text us at (817) 444-5555 and let us know because we do work by appointment only, okay?

3. Invite a friend – It’s always more fun to try something new with a friend

4. Remember, we’re located at: 100 Main St right next door to the _______.  The south east corner of Main St and Broad St. Here’s the address so you can plug it into your app:
Aperta Martial Arts 100 Main St, City, State, Zip

5. Wear something loose fitting that’s easy to move around in, such as, sweats or shorts, and a t-shirt.

6. Bring a water bottle

7. Arrive 10 minutes earlier than your appointment time. This will give us the time we need to review your paperwork and get you prepared for the 1st lesson. I will meet you at the front door at 4:50 PM for your 5:00 PM session time.

8. Remember, we normally have a registration fee of $99 however , if you enroll on your first lesson, you can actually save the $99, and get a free uniform.  So we will go over all the details and we can see if it’s something that makes sense for you and your family.