Billing & Payments

Did you know 3-7 percent of your clients' credit cards expire every month? RainMaker automatically notifies people 30 days ahead of the expiration and allows them to update their form of payment online.

Get your membership payments processed automatically. Payments the way you want them...Credit Cards, EFT/Echecks, it's your choice.

No one likes being the bad guy, right? This martial arts pro software has payment recovery methods built in so you don't have to mess with it and you can paid faster.

martial arts school software for billing
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Profit Generators Flows™aren't just email autoresponders.  You will enjoy complete follow-up systems that let you use email, text, voice-broadcast, post-cards, and even off-line follow up reminders and tasks.

Marketing Software...On Steroids

You don't need some other software integration for your email marketing with RainMaker. Everything is built in. You can segment your lists as many ways as you want so that you can follow-up with different types of people and contacts.

Schedule one-time emails or send them out immediately.

Activate autoresponder systems for prospects, members that join specific programs, people that quit, and more.

Sell Trials, Events & Merchandise Online

Profit Generators allow you to sell 24x7.

Let people purchase your trials online all the time. If you only sell sell your trials in person or set appointments on the phone you're missing out.  More and more people are skipping the phones.  They want to check things out online, look at reviews, see your stuff on social media and then decide to make a purchase.  People buy planes online, do you not think they can decide to buy a 3 lesson or 6 week trial program for their kid?

Make it easy to buy from you. With Profit Generators you can sell just about anything. Merchandise, Rank Promotions, Seminars, Merchandise Packages...You name it.  It takes just 3 minutes to set up a purchase and check out page and you're ready to promote your offers.

Martial Arts School Check Out Purchase Software
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Let People Schedule Their Own Sessions

Do you ever have a hard time actually connecting with the people that purchase your trials?  Use RainMaker's online scheduling to stop people from falling through the cracks. The more people that actually schedule trials, the more people you get to sign up.

No More resistance and phone tag.  People love to pick their own day and times.  You create the schedule of openings and restrictions.

Marketing & Sales Automation for Martial Arts Schools

What does marketing and sales automation for Martial Arts Schools look like?

Test out the automatic follow-up process to see it in action and imagine how it can work for your business and make your life easier.

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