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Are Your Rank Promotions A Lot of Work?

Attendance tracking, paper-work, ordering, registrations, & more.

Simplify and Consolidate to Make It Easy

RainMaker can help track all your members' ranks and promotion histories whether your school is a single style system or a multi style program.

Online Registration reduces paperwork.
Awards and diplomas with your students info.
Cut your admin time in half.

With RainMaker you can save time, reduce paperwork, and get paid faster if you charge for testing.

Rank Tracking

Ranks, Belts, & Stripes

Simple Pricing


Unlimited contacts


Quick Start
1 Free Data Migration
Ongoing training for you and your staff
Follow-up templates


Unlimited contacts


per month

Quick Start
1 Free Data Migration
Ongoing training for you and your staff
Follow-up templates

Premium offerings & services available.

Monthly subscriptions start in 30 days.

 For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.

More members, hands free.

Imagine people getting information, registering online, and automatically booking their first appointment without spending time playing phone-tag.

Or worse...

Team members tell you that they tried doing all the follow-up and wondering if...ANY of it actually happened or not?

Online registration
Automatic appointment reminders.
Digital waivers signed before prospects walk in the door.


Website integration,
trial registration, online appointments, and much more.


Automatic billing, past-due follow-up, unlimited memberships & billing plans.


Higher retention rates, keep members longer, and grow your active membership.

"It's the best on the market today." 

Greg Silva

United Professionals and Black Belt Schools International

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