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Martial Arts Marketing Strategies.

Getting new members for your martial arts schools seems hard, when you’re first starting out with your martial arts school.  A lot of times you will see some fast growth at the beginning and then within 60-120 days the number of new members starts to slow down.  Marketing strategy is extremely important to make sure you continue to grow your martial arts school and maintain fantastic retention rates of your students.

Email Marketing for Martial Arts Schools


When marketing your martial arts school email is going to be super important.  It allows you the ability to tell your story and communicate in a consistent fashion to all your martial arts prospects.  Email marketing can be used to create a connection with leads, prospects, members as well as former members.  Check out the AddMembers Hub to learn all you can about email marketing for your martial arts school.

Social Media Marketing for Martial Arts Schools


Social Media Marketing for your martial arts school seems to have become more imporant than your website in ways.  Facebook, Instagram and other SM Channels can be confusing, and difficult to navigate but don’t worry.  Check out the AddMembers Hub to learn more and find out all the basics techniques and strategies to sign up more martial arts students.

Martial Arts Advertising Plans


Do you have an actual written and organized Martial Arts Marketing Plan for your martial arts school? Your marketing plan should include overview ideas of your current lifetime value of a student, average cost of getting a lead, conversions from prospect to membership and more. Once you have these basic numbers it will be easier to make decisions on the marketing choices you make and whether or not each campaign is actually effective.  Learn more at the AddMembrers Hub.

Facebook Marketing Ads for Martial Arts Schools

Facebook is still one of the number one places to get more students.  There’s a winning formula to grabbing more members than you ever thought possible.  Are you engaging with your audience?  Are you growing your FB page with like campaigns, contests, sponsored posts, ads, re-marketing and all the other resources available to enhance your reach with Facebook?  Learn more at the AddMembers Hub.[/text_block]