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Martial Arts CRM Software Made Easy…

When you’re looking for Martial Arts CRM Software there are a lot of choices out there to pick from.  What should you be using to decide the best fit for you?  What types of functions are features do you want?  Are you most concerned about price, ease of use, simplicity, online crm software, or self-hosted?  Yes, there are definitely a lot of ideas to consider when finding the best fit for you and your business, right now.

What is Martial Arts CRM Software?

Martial Arts CRM software is used to keep your martial arts school organized and productive. Many martial arts school owners are using a variety of different ‘apps’ to market, manage and sell their programs and memberships.  CRM software allows you to tie everything together in one place and make sure no one falls through the cracks in your business.

Your Custom CRM Martial Arts Database


Many martial arts instructors actually start with some type of custom crm martial arts database software.  Students or even the owners themselves create some type of solution with excel or some cloud based spreadsheet that allows them to track prospects, members and other information.  As they grow, they typically outgrow this type of solution and search for something that integrates with as many different parts of their business process as possible.

Online CRM Software

Martial Arts Business Owners start finding all kinds of online CRM Software such as salesforce, act, infusionsoft, ontraport and more.  There are so many amazing choices and the ones listed are general small business online crm software that are used by small businesses all around the world.  Many instructors find them useful, while others decided to find something that is already set up to work the way their businesses operate.

Martial Arts CRM Sales Software

RainMaker Membership Software is one of the leading martial arts crm sales software platforms available, along with others like MindBody, Zen Planner and more.  Versatility is one of the main “functions” that school owners are searching for when they start thinking about making the switch to a more specific type of software for their type of businesses. Attendance and Rank tracking are usually missing parts that create real frustration with generic CRM software platforms.[/text_block]