The Top 5 Simple Strategies To Double Your Members

5 Levers to Grow Your Martial Arts School

If you have less than 75 students here are the Top 5 Simple Strategies To Double Your Members and help you generate up to $5,000 in your pocket each month*

*(Oh, yeah, time for the lawyer speak: Results not typical, you probably won’t be able to do this, only massive action takers that are in extraordinary locations can actually make these types of things work…blah blah blah).

Let’s start with a few basic mindshifts:


First, your classes and the students’ experience are at the heart of growth for decreasing churn, as well as referrals. However, growing via referrals is generally easier once you’ve built a bigger member base.

Another mind-shift is that to grow, meet people in their ‘world’, not expect them to show-up in yours.

Next, you need to know the metrics,vital statistics, and key performance indicators to make the right decisions on marketing spend (that includes acquisition and retention).

The basic metrics include:

  • Life-Time Value of Membership (LTV),
  • Cost of Acquisition of a Customer (CAC),
  • LTV:CAC ratio, and
  • Months to Recover CAC.

The first two points are the foundation for creating traffic, converting to prospects, converting to members, and converting to Raving Fans.

Here are the 5 Strategies that make the biggest difference:

managing the finances

Stop taking tuition payments over the counter.

(You can grow from 40 to 80, just by doing this…with the caveat your class experience is SOLID.)



marketing your fitness business

Appointment reminders via TEXT MESSAGE

Consistency with this can save/earn you as little as one extra new member per month.

fitness membership salesMissing-in-Action follow-up via TEXT MESSAGE

Consistency with this can save/earn you as little as one member per month as well.


Trial Engagement Boosters

Most schools don’t follow-up with people after one or two contacts. That means you have a dormant prospect list, where HALF haven’t started in martial arts with you OR anyone else. Of those half, 85 percent can have their interest reactivated by simply engaging them in conversation.


Market your Parent’s Night Out towards everyone, NOT just your members

This is an easy way for parents to get to know you, trust your expertise, and discover if martial arts might be the right fit for their kids/family.



About The Author

Scott Dolloff

Scott is the founder and CEO of RainMaker Membership Systems. Scott will teach you how to adapt your mindset to maximize your results and get things done so you have more freedom, your way.   

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