If you do, STOP, PAY ATTENTION, for just one minute, okay?

In RainMaker you can set up a  flow that’s triggered based on earning a rank.

First, use this to build an email promoting the benefits of the gear and put a profit generator link to the equipment so they can purchase it immediately .

Next, put a follow up task to contact each new student that has earned the rank and remind them of the equipment that is now needed (hint, you just do this with a short text if you want).

This will help you automate additional sales of your equipment which will reduce time spent having to promote it between classes.

So go and create 1 email and 1 follow up task today then do another one tomorrow.

Make it happen.  Talk to you soon.

– Scott Dolloff

PS…you can also “automate” some of this by adding a section on your rank promotion paperwork, that simply lets them check a box that says they want to go ahead and purchase it.