It’s Crucial

Getting more renewals is crucial to positive retention…which in turn leads to steady growth in your enrollment.  

But…many instructors are missing out on higher levels of renewals and retention based on a few simple concepts.

Before we get to those concepts, let’s figure that your classes are solid.

That students are always eager to come to their next class.  

That the experience of your members is always at a level 10.  That they leave each class sweating, smiling and ready to do it again. They’re seeing progress and they feel good each time they’re at your academy.

They want more.  They want to do more, learn more, and become more.  There’s anticipation.  There’s excitement.

If that’s all true, renewals and retention are simply a matter of consistent follow-up.

Renewal follow-up should begin early. 

At latest it should start half-way through their membership.  So if their membership is 8 months, the renewal follow-up should start at month 4.  If you wait until the end, you will lose members.  Lots of members? No, not if they’re experiencing what we spoke about earlier, but nonetheless, one, two, three memberships a month could be lost simply because you wait until the end or worse than that… past the end of their membership.

Why is that?

Simply because, sometimes the student or parents are waiting until the end of their program to start something new, buy something new, or simply stop so they don’t have to constantly travel back and forth to classes each and every week.

They’re waiting to buy a boat until the money they’re paying you is paid off…you get the idea.

9 Retention & Renewal Strategies for Monster Enrollment Growth


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