Imagine a prospect registering for your mini program, trial, or first visit. Then they schedule the first appointment.

They automatically receive text messages and emails that not only confirm and remind them about their appointment but educate, inspire, and build anticipation for taking that first step.

And keep in mind, NONE OF THIS prevents you from manually following up with those that don’t take these simple steps.

This is what we call The Path. It’s one of the most powerful series of automations you can implement with your software.

As a conversion tool, it’s responsible for higher show rates, faster enrollment cycles, and essentially more new members than anything I’ve ever seen.

Watch the video to learn more and if you want help with implementation, gratis, a member of the team at RainMaker Membership Systems & Software will help you get it running in your system…EVEN if you don’t use RainMaker, we will help you implement it in your software package. This will even work with virtual trials.

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