Here is a breakdown of the Black Friday Campaign to convert more Prospects to Trials & Introductory Programs.

///// The Warm Up
The' Warm Up' explains how you build a specific benefit of martial arts. It then goes on to promote the next email about the process and methods used to build the benefit.  The PS (one of the most read parts of an email ) then gives readers a heads up about Black Friday specials coming soon.

///// The Formula
The formula explains the process of how the promoted benefit is actually achieved .  

The PS promotes the next email about
A, PPS is include to remind readers about the upcoming specials.

///// The Lessons
The lessons explain key lessons martial arts students learn during their training.

PS. More than martial arts
PPS. Black Friday specials coming soon. Any questions on how MA can benefit you or your child.

///// The Offer
Announcement of the special
Details of the special
Include coupon codes
And registration page
+ guarantee

PS.  Offer ending soon, register now

///// The Reminder
Join the Facebook group

BF special is ending today.
Coupon code
Registration link

PS guarantee
Registration link

///// The Bump

Resend offer message with a special note

///// The Final Notification
Special note that the special offer is about to end and include original offer message.