Are you getting at least 4 to 10 new students per month?

With just a little more effort you can increase your new sign-ups by 50 percent by taking a little consistent action and putting a few simple systems in place.

Here are 5 tips to boost your enrollments without spending more money on marketing and advertising.

1.  Phones

The business phones should be answered when people expect them to be answered.  Prospects don’t know you only operate on a part-time basis even if you post it on your website. Forward the main phone to your cell, trade some lessons for phone support from parents.  But whatever you do, make sure anyone that answers the phone gets trained consistently, every week on phone procedures.

2.  Excitement and anticipation

Don’t just set the appointment; build the excitement and anticipation of your trial programs. So many times phones are answered with the goal of setting the appointment.  However, the real goal should be to build interest and enthusiasm for the trial.  Make sure the prospect is excited and looking forward to the lesson when the appointment is set. Then continue to market the benefits of the trial before the time and day of the first class.

3.  Appointments:

You set appointments, but are you communicating with your appointments and reminding everyone? If not, you should. People get busy and sometimes not everyone works by a schedule.  Appointment reminders by text message are crucial.  Voice mail is a hassle for people.  If you want people to respond, send them a text.  If you’re concerned about people having your cell phone, use a text messaging service or software that does all of the confirmations for you.

4. Former Follow-Up

A simple 4 step email campaign sent out 2 times a year, could add another 10-20 members into your school.  Set this up with an autoresponder like Aweber or Constant contact if you don’t have a martial arts automation follow-up software that will allow you to create your automatic system.

5.  Help, Don’t Just Sell

Give prospects valuable information and content, not just offers.  Send them emails that teach them about healthy living, recipes, simple self-defense, cyberbullying and more. When you add in exciting news and tips, people won’t think of you as a spammer when you occasionally send them an offer for a special trial.