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ILKB RainMaker Software Tutorial Video Series

This video series will help train you and your staff on how to set-up and use your software.

Video 1: Initial Set-up


Video 2: Flows


Video 3: Settings Part I


Video 4: Settings Part II


Video 5: Settings Part III


Video 6: Appointment Book


Video 7: Member Entry Part I


Video 8: Member Entry Part II


Video 9: Member Entry Part III


Video 10: Point of Sale Part I


Video 11: Point of Sale Part II


Video 12: Point of Sale Part III


Video 13: Hardware and Support


Video 14: Attendance Desktop App


Video 15: Emails


Video 16: Text Messages


Video 17: Key Reports Part I


Video 18: Key Reports Part II


Video 19: Key Reports Part III


Video 20: Homepage Statistics


Video 21: Online Portal