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Gym Businesses use software to manage all the day to day tasks.

     Gyms are quite complicated but really are run just like any other business. Your basic business principles of marketing, sales and operations apply whether you’re running a gym or a martial arts school. Also, there are tasks such as managing your staff, training sales people, training fitness pros, and even developing managers. Gym software allows you to automate so much of the business so that you can spend your time where things actually count.

Gym Business Software for Private Gyms

     Private gyms may not have the budget for software like the big box gyms, but that’s okay because there are plenty of options that are amazing. Some gym owners use enterprise level software such as SalesForce or Marketo to manage their lead flow.

Automatically collect your EFT payments

     Instead of using a fitness based membership billing company more and more owners are moving towards using gym management software to collect their payments automatically. It’s important that automatic payments are offered for credit cards and echecks (otherwise known as EFTS). This makes sure you fitness professional gets paid faster and more consistently.

Track Attendance

     Gyms measure client usage and make sure the fitness center is always staffed appropriately by using gym management software to analyze when peak times for the gym. This allows management to know when to increase staff and when to decrease staff which maximizes their revenue.

What else do gym owners do with club management software?

     Fitness pro marketing software allows the gym to automatically follow-up with prospects, members, and even people that haven’t been to the gym in a while. Automated follow-up helps create better engagement across the membership. Consistent communication also helps the members feel important and valued as customers.


     Most gym marketing software also allows you to automate the process of encouraging referrals. Referrals are one of the major sources of new prospects and new members for professional gyms. The automation software for gyms makes it so much easier to make sure no one falls through cracks when you’re running the day to day operations of your center.

Point of Sale

     Most fitness businesses also offer additional products such as apparel, smoothies, protein drinks, snacks and more. Point of sale software for gyms helps keep track of inventory. You can know how much the pro-shop is generating in sales compared to membership, special events, down-payments and more. You can also track inventory levels and know exactly when you should place your next order for items running low.


     Knowing the numbers for the gym are a daily chore that never stops if you don’t have software in place for financial reporting, statistics, marketing goals and outcomes, sales projections, attendance, and so much more.[/text_block]