You Might Be Thinking About Switching But You're Concerned It's Just Going To Be To Much Of A Pain In The Butt...

Going back thirty some years, I don't think I've even seen a product in martial arts that has the rave reviews RainMaker has, I've yet to find anybody with anything but rave reviews, and in martial arts that's saying something.

Randy Reid
Randy Reid Dojo Digest & Karate America

RainMaker rocks! It has made our operation so much easier to run since we joined. It's easy to learn and easy to use, plus the customer service in unparalleled in our industry. Check them out and give them a try. You'll be glad you did. 

Jason Kifer
Jason Kifer Superstar Karate

I just want to say how (yet again) much I am impressed with RainMaker Martial Arts Software and their staff. I sent an email (with a service request). Not only did it get done within 2 HOURS (saving me at least that many hours of inputting info.), they personally called me to let me know that it had been done - and POOF it was there!  Not many times do you get service like this, especially not without being asked for a fee here and there. If you're not a RainMaker - you should be! Well worth EVERY penny!

Adam Osetek
Adam Osetek World Martial Arts - Cranston RI

Ok, so as some of you know, we converted to Rainmaker back in April and haven't looked back. I just wanted to say that the totally badass feature I used today was SMS messaging through Rainmaker. We send out SMS reminders about upcoming appointments etc. through the system and they can even reply to the number that texts them and it's all done through the system and attaches to their account so we have a record of it. Pretty sweet!

Manny Cabrera
Manny Cabrera SideKicks Family Martial Arts

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