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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

See everything about your contacts

The contact page gives you a powerful and convenient time saving system to get things done now.

Change logs
Marketing tracking
Store your documents
Birthdays & other special events

You can see the big picture of each of your prospects and members and their experiences.  You can take this information to continue to build rapport and elevate their experiences and build trust with you.


Tracks incoming call statistics as well as directs user to the appointment book.

Track inquiry type
Track the source of inquiry
Track staff member 

Inquiry helps track interests, inquiry stats, and appointments.

Follow-up Manager

Manage your prospect, renewal, and upgrade pipeline on on simple and easy to understand screen.

Manage opportunities
Track prospect to customer

Trial Tracker

Tracks all your trials and first visits from registration, participation, and enrollment.

See when their trial starts
When their first session is completed
When last attended

Trial tracker lets you see the progress of all your trial members in one simple and easy to understand page.  This means you know exactly what to do to grow your enrollments. 

MIA Manager

Stay in touch, build and maintain rapport, & understand your community on a deeper level which means you help more people.

Add notes
Mark vacation periods
Current program details

Simple Pricing


Unlimited contacts


Quick Start
1 Free Data Migration
Ongoing training for you and your staff
Follow-up templates


Unlimited contacts


per month

Quick Start
1 Free Data Migration
Ongoing training for you and your staff
Follow-up templates

Premium offerings & services available.

Monthly subscriptions start in 30 days.

 For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.


Website integration,
trial registration, online appointments, and much more.


Automatic billing, past-due follow-up, unlimited memberships & billing plans.


Higher retention rates, keep members longer, and grow your active membership.

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