USA - Step 2

Payment Processing

Bank Draft - EFT - ACH

We integrate with a company called VericCheck. They have the following charges: One time setup fee of $20, $10 monthly fee and only 1 % per transaction.


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    Download & Print

    Click the button to download the Vericheck application.   When your application has been approved VeriCheck will send RainMaker the required information directly
    and we will follow-up with you to let you know.

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    Complete The Application & Sign

    Fill out the attached application . ***** THIS IS IMPORTANT *** On the Vericheck application - Along the top , check "PPD" and "CCD". For ISO/Agent, if its not already there, please enter: RainMaker Martial Arts Software. For the question: For the question: For the question:

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    Fax or Email The Application

    Fax to VeriCheck® at (404) 872-3490 or you can scan in the application and email it to as an attachment. REMEMBER: You must include 2 months of current Business Bank Statements.

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    Watch For An Email From RainMaker

    The application approval process takes about 5-7 days. After you have been approved, Vericheck will send us all the information we need. We will then send you an email confirming and reminding you of the next step.