Accepting Credit Card Payments

USA – Step 1

Payment Processing


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    Call your Merchant Processor:

    You can either get a new merchant processing account by contacting Martin (his info is below in the Q&A), or call your current provider and tell them you are getting new “Point of Sale” software that uses a payment gateway to connect to your merchant account, called USA E-Pay.

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    Your Merchant Processor Will Want To Know:

    They will want to know what configurations or data set ups USA E-Pay uses:
    You will tell them this list and they will know exactly which one works for them.
    FDMS – FDMS North – TSYS – Paymentech – Global – Planet Payment – Mes – Heartland – RBS WorldPay

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    After The Data Sheet Is Sent To You:

    After they create this setup for you that will either email or fax you a data sheet.
    When you receive it, please email it to us at along with your Client ID, which is a 4 digit number found next to your business name on the front page of RainMaker, after you log in.

Frequently Asked Questions about Merchant Processing?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_spacing=”1″ left_padding=”100″ right_padding=”0″ width=”650″ line_height=”22″]Q:  Who is my merchant processor?

A:  We don’t know.  You should receive a monthly statement that will list your credit card transactions, fees, etc.  And on that report you will find a phone number.  You will also receive a 1099 from them each year that will have the phone number.


Q:  I would like to get started as fast as possible, what merchant processor should I use?

A:  Call ProfitStream Payments to get your software merchant processing account:

(888) 528-3364.