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Powerful, Simple, and Easy Growth Software for Martial Arts Schools

Did you know Auto Text Reminders can help you enroll up to 4 more members a month?

RainMaker's Profit Generators™ include 'Auto Text Confirmation & Reminder' automations that can improve your 1st visits show rate by as much as 50 percent.  That means you enroll more students, faster.

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Software Apps for Martial Arts Schools

Converts more leads into members, faster.

More members is the name of the game, right? RainMaker will convert more leads to new students, drive referrals, and win back students that stopped training.

Lead conversion to speed up enrollments
Referral automations so you grab even more new members
Former student campaign automations that get old members back into your school.

Let RainMaker convert more people into quality students so you can focus on training your members. 

The Member App & Online Portal
that connect you with your community

Martial Arts Member Apps

Let your members download the member app, register for classes through the online portal, and more.

Class registrations
View attendance history
Event registrations (future update)
Update payment information

Member Site™ gives your community the information they need for attendance history, updating payment information, and so much more.  Your members will love it and you will too!

Auto Billing, Attendance Engagement, & 18 More Ways to Grow Your Revenue

Everything you need to grow you membership, have better retention, and increase revenue in one powerful, simple, & easy to grow software for martial arts schools.

Get people back to their next class, so they don't miss their training.
Inspire and motivate members towards their next goals so student retention soars and membership grows!
Sell more, online, faster and easier than ever before with One Page Profit Generator Check-Out™ pages that look amazing!
RainMaker Martial Arts Software Apps

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More members, hands free.

Imagine people getting information, registering online, and automatically booking their first appointment without spending time playing phone-tag.

Or worse...

Team members tell you that they tried doing all the follow-up and wondering if...ANY of it actually happened or not?

Online registration
Automatic appointment reminders.
Digital waivers signed before prospects walk in the door.


Website integration,
trial registration, online appointments, and much more.


Automatic billing, past-due follow-up, unlimited memberships & billing plans.


Higher retention rates, keep members longer, and grow your active membership.

"It's the best on the market today." 

Greg Silva

United Professionals and Black Belt Schools International

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