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Meet our team

The team at RainMaker loves what we do. We are focused day in and day out on making your life easier. We learn and train daily on leadership, communication, marketing, management and teaching skills so that we always continue to provide you with an improved experience each time we get to work with you.

Learn a little more about some of the management team and get to know us. We're real people not robots that just assimilate everything in our path 😉

Devon Steiner

QA Team Lead

Devon was our first official hire at RainMaker. He started out as a program director in a martial arts school, using RainMaker. When we reached about 1000+ users of  RainMaker we had to get help with client support. "Billy" knew the system inside and out and he was a great choice for the beginning of the team. He has been part of just about every responsibility inside of RainMaker and is now leading the Quality Assurance department. We're very grateful to have him.  He lives with his girl-friend, her son, and their adopted pet Dachshund named, Chance.

Jeff Dunn

Customer Success Team Lead

Jeff is a high level Black Belt and has been involved with the martial arts since he was young.  He worked as an instructor and later became a school owner.  El Jeffe is the most positive, enthusiastic person on this planet and he always has the ability to see the good in any situation. Jeff is married to Heather and they have two kids as well as a Black Lab named Moonie.